Heating Mats

230 V~
150, 200 W/m2
0.5 – 15 m2
3.6 mm
Conductor type
Inner core insulation
FEP (Teflon™)
Lead wire
2 m
Protection class
20 years

HM-series Underfloor Heating Mats

Thin twin-core heating mats with one connection wire, designed to maintain a comfortable floor temperature or complete heating of the room. Suitable for all types of flooring. Designed for quick and easy installation in a layer of tile adhesive or any other self-leveling mortar. Do not require maintenance and have a long service life due to the use of highquality materials. The inner insulation of the cable is made of flouropolymer (Teflon™), which ensures maximum cable durability and protection against overheating. The design features of the heating cable completely eliminates electrical and electromagnetic radiation. The heating mats are rated IPX7, which allows them to be used in humid rooms.